Friday, February 16, 2007


You may have noticed the Links to the right on this Blog. I would like to point to 2 of them in particular.

Dave Martin

When I worked for Doubleday Broadcasting as PD of WLLZ in Detroit, Dave was Doubleday's VP Programming. I never worked for a more supportive or insightful boss in all my years in broadcasting. Dave continues as a Top resource to some of the smartest and most successful broadcast leaders in our business. His wealth of experience melded with the rare quality to see the future makes him a one-of a- kind. The wisdom that he makes available at his Blog for free is invaluable. (DAVE'S BLOG)

Lee Abrams

Lee, like Dave, has always been a soothsayer and futurist. His years as a founding partner at Burkhart, Abrams and Associates are a blueprint for how to make a true difference.
He helped transform Underground Radio into a viable, profit making, ratings winning Radio Format called Superstars. His Programming leadership then and his current function as the MAN at XM Satellite have cemented his place in Broadcast history. His Blog is always a great read for Radio Managers all over the world.
His insightful view of what makes listeners tick and his advice on how to connect with them is truly invaluable. I had the pleasure of working with Lee at both 98 Rock in Tampa and WAAF in Boston. We also spent 4 months together in England at the close of the 1970's, working on an album project together. Those were heady days. (LEE'S BLOG)


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