Thursday, May 17, 2007

Terrestrial Radio's Run Through the New Media Gaunlet 1998-2007

From Bridge Ratings Analysis:
By 2002 traditional radio had experienced Napster plus the introduction of satellite radio and Internet radio. Though all three were in their infancy, the "perfect storm" of the three together began wearing down radio listening. Weekly cume to all radio was only slightly affected. Bridge Ratings estimates that almost 96% of Americans still tuned in to an AM or FM radio station at that time, but what we began to notice was significant change in "favoriteness" or loyalty among average listeners. This sudden decline below 80% of the audience who had a favorite station was a first and marks a tipping point in media use. And while favoriteness was down below 80% for the first time, radio maintained solid cume numbers and avoided further loyalty attrition for two years. Read MORE


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