Saturday, June 23, 2007

The FATHER of Woodstock

On September 9, 1942 Arthur Lawrence Kornfeld was born in Brooklyn, NY. The son of a New York City policeman and his wife (Irving & Shirley) during a hard time in our country where the dreams of the day were as simple as "just making $2 an hour". Brought up in the early 50's in Levittown, Artie's family constantly moved and he attended 6 different schools; learning the lessons of the world through the song lyrics played over the radio. Artie Kornfeld would soon live his American dream and become the the guiding force to what is now known as "The Woodstock Generation". Dreams become Reality ~ The overiding metaphysical concept of physical manifestation. The Magic of Woodstock!

Artie's website is the personal story of rock music writer & producer Artie Kornfeld (who along with Mike Lang) created the legendary Woodstock Music & Art Fair from an idea that came at 2am in the morning after a bumper pool game and a few joints! "Never did I think that what started as an idealistic conversation among friends would become part of history" and what Rolling Stone magazine describes as one of the top moments 'That Changed the History of Rock & Roll'.

A personal note to you from Artie Kornfeld,
co-creator and promoter of Woodstock '69:

"This new Woodstock website is a bonus to you designed as the behind the scenes story of the creation of the greatest event in pop culture . This is the missing part of the whole Woodstock '69 story. The diamond amongst all of the other thoughts written by authors that had no insight into the real story ...and clearly little, or no part in its creation. Please support my effort to make this website preview available for you free on the internet... "The fences are down and the concert is free; and in the spirit of Woodstock the memories of those event are given here are for your personal enjoyment."

Composer, Publisher, Producer, Manager, & Promoter
First Vice President of Rock Music at Capitol Records (or any label)

Artie wrote lot's of HITS as a songwriter(including) :
Crispian St.Peters, “The Pied Piper”
The Cowsills, “The Rain,The Park & Other Things”, (aka “I Love The Flower Girl”)
Jan & Dean, “Dead Mans Curve”, Written with Brian Wilson & Jan Berry

Artie and I have been friends for over 30 years. He's a wonderful human being and a virtual encyclopedia of Rock and Roll history. He's been in the middle of that history, from The Brill Building group of song writers to creating the most important Music Festival ever.
Visit Artie's website. HERE
Artie is available for radio interviews. He's quite amazing on the radio and has stories to tell.


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