Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Apple announced a price cut for its iPhone today, along with a new iPod that looks like the iPhone and a version of its iTunes store that downloads music directly to the player rather than a computer.

Steven P. Jobs, the chief executive, called the moves a “total refresh” of the iPod line, and they signify a move to turning the music player into a hand-held computer.

The company dropped the price of its 8-gigabyte iPhone by $200, to $399. The company did not give a reason for the price cut, which analysts said has been selling very well.

Mr. Jobs also displayed a new iPod model, the Touch, that looks like an iPhone, though it lacks calling capability. The 8-gigabyte model will sell for $299 and a 16-gigabyte model will sell for $399 later this month.

The new device has touch-screen controls and a built-in Wi-Fi antenna that allows it to connect directly to the Internet. It also has a browser, which makes it more of a hand-held computer than any other music player.

Users will be able to connect to a new iTunes Wi-Fi store from which they can download songs directly to their music players without having to connect to a computer. (MORE)


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