Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bill Vermillion Passes

Bill Vermillion died yesterday. To those who don't know the name, Bill was the MD at WLOF in Orlando, Florida in the 1960's. He was responsible for breaking more bands than anyone I know. He ran BeeJay Recording Studios after he left WLOF. We worked together when I programmed WORJ in Orlando. He was our consulting Sound Engineer. He helped us build state-of-the-art studios and engineered all of our Southern Progressive Radio Network Concerts at BeeJay Studios.. WLOF opened the door for the success of AOR, WORJ. WLOF was the most musically advanced Top 40 station in America under Bill's watchful eye and great ears. They dominated Orlando radio during the '60s. Bill was a great guy. A true friend. I'm tired of saying these words lately. Bill will be missed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, Rich McKay, would like people who knew Bill Vermillion to call him directly.
407-420-5470 or e-mail contact info at
We have an early deadline b/c the holiday.
Thank you

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Marc Nathan said...

I began promoting records in 1971, and had the opportunity to call Bill from my NY office, and promote him on any number of stiffs that Ampex Records foisted on the pop radio :-)

We were in touch as recently as last year via email, and he was just a delightful guy, and you're so right Lee... the man had ears!

6:41 PM  

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