Thursday, September 13, 2007


WASHINGTON -- NAB announced today two winners of the NAB HD Radio Multicast Award. WRIF-FM Detroit's "Riff2" and KBCO-FM Denver's "The Studio C Channel" are the first stations to receive the award.
RIFF2 Programming Chief, Mark Pennington, said, " I am totally floored at the news. My staff and I put in alot of time and effort to make RIFF2 sound like it does. We like to think of it as radio for a new generation. The support that I receive from my GM, Tom Bender, WRIF OM, Doug Podell and the Greater Media honchos, Buzz Knight and Peter Smyth, make this all that more special to me. It just shows that hard work and a great team from top to bottom will create something really special. I'm blown away!!
This award has been established to recognize a station for providing unique, innovative or groundbreaking programming on a multicast channel. The station to receive this award is considered at the forefront of HD programming and utilizes this technology to further enhance Radio's overall value to the American audience.


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