Sunday, March 11, 2007


Good News!! The funniest TV show ever made is going to be released on DVD (FINALLY!)... Yep, on April 27th, Fox will release season 1 of WKRP IN CINCINNATI!!! (OK, it's 5:27 AM on WKRP in Cincinnati..... I'm your new host from midnite to 6 Am.. My name is... Heavy Early ... and it is!!) It has been held up for years due to music licensing issues, but word is they have resolved those, and it will be released with as much original music as possible. They actually hired a music supervisor to work on any music changes that were made. They really tried to use as much original music as possible, and to find appropriate substitutes where they couldn't use original. The creator of the show, Hugh Wilson, is quoted as saying he has seen some of the work done, and thinks that Fox did a good job, unlike the 80's syndication package that hacked up the show and used a whole bunch of generic music that literally killed some scenes. Personally, I can't wait. I've been viewing some of the WKRP stuff on youtube, and it's just as hilarious today as it was back in '78. Oh... and I almost forgot fellow babies, BOOGER!!!!


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