Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Competitive Media Usage Overview Update


2006 was a 'tipping point' of sorts for several media competing for listeners' time and use. This report is an update to our report first published on January 3, 2007.

Internet radio use continues its rise and terrestrial radio streams are recording significant unique user counts as the industry as a whole better understands the important role Internet streaming plays in audience building, loyalty and monetization of their terrestrial audiences.

Since the January publication of this analysis, Satellite radio announced its intention to merge its sole companies into one. While the jury is still out on this development, Bridge Ratings is tracking continued slow consumer interest in the medium. Satellite radio now penetrates nearly 5% of the market.

The iPod and MP3 players continue to experience unprecedented growth with a little more than 90 million units now in the hands of Americans. The number of households with more than one MP3 player also continues to rise as our study indicates that 15% of households have more than one MP3 player as users replace older models, have multiple family members who own one or are purchasing units to coincide with variations in lifestyle.

During the month of December 2006, Bridge Ratings interviewed 3500 persons 12+ on a national basis to determine use among the following audio media competing for time: Terrestrial radio, Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, MP3 Players and HD Radio. We interviewed an additional 3000 persons 13+ between April 13 and May 20, 2007 for an updated view. MORE


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