Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It’s a substantial increase in fines for programming

considered indecent with the FCC ready to enforce

the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2006

beginning this week.

Add a few more zero’s to the $32,500 slap on the wrist

for past violations as each occurrence will now cost

broadcasters $325,000, with a cap of $3 million for

repeated violations of a single instance. Proponents

for more “family friendly” programming on the public

airwaves now hope radio will do a better job at policing

what comes out of the speaker.

Following deregulation the industry believed they

could do and say almost anything they wanted. With

language long considered unfit for broadcast to

generations of the past, today listeners are bombarded

regularly with comments like “pissed off,” “screw him,”

“kick in the ass,” and others. Alienating many

listeners, its doubtful comments like these will

create a fine, but responsible broadcasters should

recognize vulgarity and indecency seldom enhance

communication. Profanity interferes with ones ability

to communicate when its use drowns out the message. (more)


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