Thursday, May 24, 2007


Back on May 2nd I speculated on whether PPM would see the return of Rock Radio to New York and other Rock-free markets.
I wrote:

As PPM rolls out market-by-market, Rock radio’s true ratings shares will finally be counted. The interesting thing about the roll out is the next 4 markets that will be PPM’d are Houston, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, markets that for the most part do not have a Rock Station. Will the SMART radio groups involved in these markets recognize this amazing opportunity and flip some properties Rock before PPM rolls out in the market? In L.A., will Citadel take KLOS to an Active format before PPM gets there? Will New York see the return of a Rock Station? Could we see the return of WNEW-FM?
Get ready for some interesting days ahead. Rock Radio-It’s like you never left!!!

Well, I was close. Today WXRK (K-Rock) Returned To 92.3 FM In NYC.

Rockin' New York. (Listen Here)


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