Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Internet Revolution is in the Air

By Timothy Karr (Huffington Post)
Few of you are likely aware that the future of communications in our country rests on a seemingly arcane decision on how we sell off soon-to-be vacated TV airwaves. This public "spectrum" has the capacity to deliver high-speed Internet signals almost everywhere in the country.

The Federal Communications Commission will decide very soon how this chunk of air is to be auctioned off and used after TV stations go digital. The government hopes that revenues from the sale (anticipated to be as high as $30 billion) will help pay down the national deficit, especially high since we went to War in Iraq.

Yesterday, many members of the Coalition came forward with a proposal: Let's use these airwaves to make the Internet more neutral, open and affordable for everyone.

Most people haven't heard about this issue, or know that such valuable airwaves are up for grabs. But it is important stuff.

Here's where things stand:

Broadcast television channels will soon vacate publicly owned airwaves when TV stations are required to go digital by 2009.

Right now, the Federal Communications Commission is deciding how to structure an upcoming auction of these airwaves.

If used right, this new spectrum could revolutionize the ways we connect to one another -- and to laptops, cell phones, PDAs, music players and other mobile Internet devices. It can also deliver a wireless Internet into your house without the need for a telephone wire or cable modem. MORE at HUFFINGTON POST


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