Monday, May 28, 2007


The world is changing and so is the way you research, market and sell products and ideas. In the early ‘80s Apple was a London record company and the three major networks delivered 80% of the television audience. Today, you’d need 60 electronic media channels to achieve the same reach and Apple’s IPod delivers music and video on demand to millions of consumers.

The control has switched from the seller to the buyer. Voters and consumers now have multiple sources for information and entertainment, and they control what they want and when they want it. The captive audience is gone. The empowered individual reigns.

Most important: voters and consumers expect you to personally market and sell to them based on their unique wants, needs, biases and preferences. What was once exceptional is now expected, but until now, the data tools to give consumers what they want didn’t exist. Now they do. MicroTargeting.

Developed for the world of politics and delivering the winning edge in a race for the White House, MicroTargeting now is at work in every sector of marketing and commerce.

MicroTargeting is advanced market segmentation at the individual level, which answers the most fundamental marketing questions. Who wants what I have? Where do I find them? How do I persuade them?

This advance in marketing technology couldn’t come at a better time. The fragmentation of media and information sources and atomization of communication channels has placed an even greater premium on one-on-one direct marketing of products and ideas.

And it’s made possible by the convergence of several technology trends and advances:

  • The ability to digitally store, archive and analyze massive amounts of data.

  • The ability to construct exhaustive information profiles of an individual’s life cycle and life style characteristics using multi-sourced databases.

  • The ability to link and integrate multiple “data islands” containing valuable information about individual consumers.

  • The analytical power to search for and discover meaningful patterns and relationships that is of true strategic and tactical value to the client.

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